A Slightly Improved Wasp/Asian Hornet Trap

This trap is based on the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s Asian hornet monitoring trap http://www.nationalbeeunit.com/downloadDocument.cfm?id=1056. This new version of the trap uses less materials, less tools, is a little simpler and allows for easy release of trapped insects.

You will need: Two large plastic bottles, a wooden skewer, two elastic bands, a small jar to fit in inside the plastic bottle, a piece of material to fit over the jar opening, string to hang the up the finished trap. The only tools required are a sharp knife or scissors and a hole punch or soldering iron.

Step 1: Cut one of the bottles below the neck.

Step 2: Place the top section inside the larger section. Punch holes through opposite sides of both sections or use a soldering iron to melt holes.

Step 3: Cut the top and bottom off the second bottle. Cut down the side of the cylinder to make a sheet of plastic. Trim about a third of the side that form the outside of the second bottle. Punch a hole in the centre of each side 1-2cm from the edge.

Step 4: Place some bait in the small jar and secure the fabric over the jar opening. Place the jar in the large section of the first bottle so that it sits in the base.

Step 5: Place an elastic band around the top of the large tube of the first bottle. Place the funnel shaped part of the first bottle inside the tube so that the funnel points down. Secure by pushing the skewer through the holes.

Step 6: Place the sheet from the second bottle over the top of the trap. Ensure the skewer goes through holes and secure with the elastic band. The other two holes in the plastic sheet can be used to thread string through so that the trap can be hung up.