The Leslie Thorne Award

Head over to our new Leslie Thorne Award page where we have some information and insight available to view about the award. We also have the first in our series of short reviews of the journeys our past LTA winners have been on since winning the award.

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LBKA Website and Gallery Update

Hi Everybody! You may have noticed something different on our webpage since Sunday 1st October - we've introduced a new banner slider at the top of the page welcoming everyone. Hopefully we'll be able to put a few highlights on here every now and again to showcase what we're up to and upcoming events. Also, [...]

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LBKA Autumn Lecture 2017

Hi Everyone, We've just posted online our event info for the LBKA Autumn Lecture 2017.  Kim Flottum from the USDA will be giving a talk on the 10 Rules of Modern Beekeeping. Head over to the Event Page for more information. We hope to see you there!

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LBKA Honey Show 2017 Results!

Hi Everyone! The results from the 2017 LBKA Honey Show held at the Lincolnshire Show are now online! Head over to the 2017 Lincolnshire Show page and select the results from the right hand column. Hopefully we'll have some photos of the event online shortly!

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Website Update

Hi Everyone, time for a few website updates, we now have the Swarm List online, the 2017 Lincs Show webpage - with Schedule and Entry Forms, and the Membership information page. Check them out!

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Lincoln District Auction – This Weekend!

Hello Everybody! Just a quick reminder for everyone - don't forget that the Lincoln District Auction of Bees & Equipment is this Saturday, 25th March 2017. The sale will start promptly at 11am. For more details, head over to our Events page or head over to the Lincoln Bee Auction website.  

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LBKA Website Update

Hi Everyone! Just a quick post to say that the website is going to be updated with new information over the next few days, so keep a look out! We'll have Swarm Lists, updated trustee info (from the AGM) and a few other tweaks. :)

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