National Bee Unit introduction to beekeeping.  An excellent site worth investigation.  

This is the place to contact your regional or seasonal bee inspector.

British Beekeepers Association – documents in linked pages.×41.jpg

A website full of bee resources×150.jpg

Videos are an excellent way to learn.  The National Honey Show video their Lectures and make them freely available on YouTube.×45.png

If you are an avid Radio 4 listener you may know that they have a fantastic series by Tim Harford which tells the fascinating stories of inventions, ideas and innovations which have helped create the economic world – 50 Things that made the Modern Economy.

In the recent series they had a look at the invention of the Langstroth Hive and its impact on the industrialisation of the honey bee. Its mainly geared towards American beekeeping but really interesting all the same.  Click here to listen…

A useful bee resource with a distinct Lincolnshire slant.

Do you have a favourite bee website?  Please let us know about it.