Will Hamilton has asked that the following be drawn to your attention

The Lincolnshire Beekeepers’ Autumn Lecture 2019 hosted by the University of Lincoln.

On the 29th of October the University of Lincoln will host the Lincolnshire Beekeepers Autumn lecture with presentations from Dr Gary Bosworth, Dr Elisa Frasnelli and Master Beekeeper Keith Bartlem who will give the keynote lecture on: The Thermoregulation of the honeybee.

The Autumn Lecture will take place in the professionally appointed Red Room within the Think Tank building which overlooks the extensive Joseph Banks Laboratories.

LBKA will be taking over the Think Tank building for the evening – private and secure parking is available immediately outside – (See Pictures). The Think Tank is easily located via satnav and is on Ruston Way in Lincoln (LN6 7FL).

The Lecture represents the first collaboration between the Lincolnshire Beekeepers, the College of Science and the School of Geography at the University of Lincoln Brayford Campus. Apropos considering the topical nature of honeybees and the bee themed research taking place at the university.

A locally sourced full buffet will be provided for attendees.
There is considerable scope for mutually beneficial cooperation between the University and LBKA in the longer term if we can make this event as successful as possible. Please can I encourage members to attend, support this new venture with the University and enjoy themselves.

Many thanks and I hope to see you there.
Will Hamilton