Annual Subscription Breakdown

Your Annual Subscription Breakdown 2022 Subscription

Full Member £27.50 (based on BBKA capitation £21.00 + BDI £2 (for first 3 hives) + LBKA capitation £4.50)
Partner member £15.75 (based on 66% BBKA capitation i.e. £13.50 + LBKA capitation i.e. £2.25)
Country member £10.50 (based on 50% BBKA capitation i.e. £9.50 + £1 nominal administration fee to LBKA)
Junior member £9.50 (based on the 50% BBKA capitation figure only)

NB. These figures do not include any District subscription. District subs vary. (eg £5 to £10)

LBKA Classes of Membership
Full (F), Partner Members (P) and Junior Members (J) are Active Beekeepers.
Associate (A), Country (C) are non-beekeepers.

Honorary members may belong to any class and are indicated with H in their membership number.

Full Member £27.50

Partner member £15.75

Country member £10.50

Junior member £9.50