Your Annual Subscription Breakdown 2019 Subscription

Full Member £27.50 (based on BBKA capitation £19 + BDI £2 (for first 3 hives) + LBKA capitation £6.50)
Partner member £15.75 (based on 66% BBKA capitation ie £12.50 + 50% LBKA capitation ie £3.25)
Country member £10.50 (based on 50% BBKA capitation ie £9.50 + £1 nominal administration fee to LBKA)
Junior member £9.50 (based on the 50% BBKA capitation figure only)

NB. These figures do not include any District subscription

LBKA Classes of Membership
Full (F), Partner Members (P) and Junior Members (J) are Active Beekeepers.
Associate (A), Country (C) are non-beekeepers.

Honorary members may belong to any class and are indicated with H in their membership number.

Full Member £27.50

Partner member £15.75

Country member £10.50

Junior member £9.50