About Us

We are the Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association.

We are a registered charity aiming to encourage, improve and advance apiculture across the county of Lincolnshire and increase public awareness of the importance of bees in the environment.

Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association (or LBKA) is made up of 10 districts, which cover the whole county.

Each district has its own programme of meetings and events, and members are able to visit any LBKA district meeting and join in.

LBKA is an affiliated member of the British Beekeepers Association.

We aim to promote and provide an open and enthusiastic atmosphere at any of our events and all are welcome.

Just a couple of the events which LBKA take part in are the Lincolnshire Show and the Brocklesby Show.

We also run events ourselves, either directly, or by one of our districts. These include the annual Spring and Autumn Lectures, the Lincoln District Bee Auction and the Bee Health Day.

We’ve only included a small snippet here of what the LBKA is all about, but please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you require any further information, we’ll be happy to help.

We would to take this opportunity to thank Vidahost for generously hosting our website for free.