Bee Health Day

The Animal and Plant Health Agency, Regional Bee Inspector Team with the assistance of SBKA will be holding a Bee Health Day on 11th June at Cranwell Village Hall and Sleaford’s Apiary.

The day will cover such things as:

  • 1) How to recognise common diseases.
  • 2) How to recognise foulbrood diseases (there will be an opportunity to see them for real which happily is something most of us never see).
  • 3) How to carry out a disease inspection – practical session at the Apiary.
  • 4) Existential threats e.g. Asian Hornet.
  • 5) Emerging threats e.g. Small Hive Beetle.

If you have never been on one of these days before they are a mine of information and a great opportunity to meet the RBI team. If you have been on one of these days before then its a great opportunity to refresh you skills. Either way £10 for a whole day’s entertainment is a bargain.

The RBI is restricted to the number of days they can offer like this and we believe this will be the only opportunity to participate in one in Lincolnshire this year.

If you have not already done so please let me know ( ) if you are coming so I can add you to the list of delegates.

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