North Lincolnshire Bee Health Day 2019

In association with the National Bee Unit and supported by BDI, North Lincolnshire Beekeepers District held a Bee Health Day on Saturday 8th June 2019 at Broughton Village Hall, High Street, Broughton DN20 0JX. The day started with a presentation on Exotics by Keith Morgan, then the attendees were split into groups who rotated between demonstrations of inspections by the bee inspectors at the apiary, live examples of diseased combs and a presentation on varroa and its treatments. All activities ere organised and run by Keith Morgan, our Regional Bee Inspector together with his team of seasonal bee inspectors.

Many thanks go North Lincs District for running it well and for the use of their apiary, Keith Morgan (the inspector) being generous with his time, the chance to see inspectors and get instruction and to have a go. And all of this for a fiver.  There should be more of this sort of training.

More soon.

Pictures by Will Hamilton

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